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Oil & Gas Industry

MFE Rentals works with oil and gas professionals to provide quality equipment for all of your NDT, RVI and environmental inspection needs. From mining and exploration, to the storage tanks, into the pipelines and all the way to the refinery, MFE Rentals has solutions for every aspect of the production process.

Solve the problem before it starts.

MFE Rentals can help you minimize downtime and revenue loss by providing the inspection equipment necessary for keeping your production facilities and equipment well maintained, and your staff safe from hazardous environments.


Ensure that hard-earned oil and gas reserves aren’t lost due to leakage from faulty storage containers. MFE Rentals has top-of-the line MFL inspection equipment that will check the integrity of storage tanks and other vessels by detecting any corrosion or pitting in the storage structures.

  • Storage Tank Inspection
  • Vessel Inspection
  • Surface Defect (materials, coatings) Inspection

MFE Rentals offers several quality products to meet your NDT/MFL inspection needs. Please view the products to see what works best for you!


Cracked or damaged production pipelines can have a disastrous effect on the environment and your company’s bottom line. Protect both by verifying the integrity of your pipeline with NDT inspection equipment from MFE Rentals.

  • Weld Integrity Testing
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Tubing & Pipeline Inspection (internal/external)

MFE Rentals carries a variety of tools for NDT/MFL pipeline inspection. Please view the products below for more details.

Facilities & Refineries

Keep production facilities and refineries safe, by regularly inspecting and maintaining production equipment and environments.

  • Equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Environmental Testing
  • Infrared Inspection

MFE Rentals has a variety of tools to help you inspect and maintain your oil and gas facilities. Please view the products below for more details.

Mining & Exploration

Test elements in metallurgical, soil and mining samples.

  • Environmental Testing
  • Ore grade control

MFE Rentals has a variety of products to help with mining and exploration testing. Please view the products below for more details

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