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Marine Industry

Increasing global demand for large shipments of products and oil exploration has led us to use the oceans more than ever before. Whether it’s an oil rig or a shipping vessel, sea conditions can put significant wear and strain on equipment that is in constant need of attention. MFE Rentals offers NDT and RVI equipment to help inspectors keep up with the maintenance demands of marine applications.

To meet the growing shipping and energy needs of the world, companies have a greater responsibility to keep operations running as smoothly as possible and avoid costly delays.

Offshore Rigs and Pipelines

The demand for oil is increasing exponentially and has led us to further explore the oceans to find new reserves deep in the sea. With such a high demand, equipment maintenance is critical to safe and efficient operations. MFE Rentals can provide the tools you need to help you avoid downtime, accidents and loss in production due to faulty equipment.

  • Rig Maintenance
  • Underwater Pipelines and Equipment
  • Environmental Testing
  • Drilling Solids Inspection

MFE Rentals is here to help you with all of your offshore rig and pipeline inspection needs. Please click on the icons below for more information.

Transportation Vessels

The need for marine shipments has increased the need for larger and more efficient transports that can meet even tighter deadlines. Without routine maintenance, shipments can be delayed or stranded and neither is good for business. MFE Rentals offers a variety of inspection equipment that can be used to find even the smallest defects before they become major problems.

  • Shipping Vessels and Containers
  • Recreational Vehicle Repair
  • Protective Coating Inspection

MFE Rentals is a well-known provider of NDT and RVI equipment. Please click on the products below for more details.

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