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Environmental Industry

MFE Rentals is proud to offer a range of environmental inspection products for industry specialists. Whether you are an inspector, a factory worker, or a plant manager, these helpful products could save lives, while saving on long-term costs as well.

Problem Prevention - Life-Saving Products

Safety is paramount in any industry and MFE Rentals is here to help keep you and your employees safe from air, soil and noise pollutants that could cause potentially life-threatening situations.

Preventing problems before they arise can not only save lives, but can also save on medical, insurance and liability costs in the future.

Air Analysis

Ensure that personnel are safe from toxic air emissions upon entering any production environment using top-of-the-line air analysis equipment. Toxic Air Analyzers can detect a range of pollutants and are useful in the following applications:

  • Gas leak detection
  • VOC’s
  • Open air or confined spaces

MFE Rentals offers several air analyzers from leading manufacturers. Please view the products below for details.

Soil Testing

Soil contamination can lead to long-term negative effects on food and water supplies, as well as health concerns for the general public. MFE Rentals provides quality products that ensure safety from:

  • VOC’s
  • Gas emissions

MFE Rentals has a variety of products with soil testing capabilities. Please view the products below for more details.

Noise Pollution

Personnel safety when working in production or explosives is of the utmost importance and our ears are often left unprotected. With the application of a Noise Dosimeter, employers can monitor noise levels in order to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

MFE Rentals provides the very best in noise monitoring technology. Please view the products below to see which one works best for you.

Emergency and HazMat Applications

In an already dangerous situation, it is imperative that a contaminated area is thoroughly investigated and toxic levels are constantly monitored to ensure the highest level of safety. MFE Rentals offers several products that monitor the air toxicity and soil contamination for HazMat situations. Please view the products below for more details. Our representatives are also available for consultation about which products are right for you.

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